What’s The Real Difference b/w French Press & Drip Coffee?

French Press Vs. Drip Coffee

Coffee lovers all over the world always try to find different ways to make their coffee even better. For them coffee is so important that for a great cup of soul satisfying coffee, only the best coffee beans or the best equipment is not enough. How a coffee is made is equally important.

The two most popular methods of making coffee are the French press and the Drip coffee. The difference of choice between the two totally depends on person to person.


  • The French press container is either a glass container or a stainless steel container with a plunger. A filter is attached to the plunger.
  • Coffee grounds are placed at the bottom of the container.
  • Then hot water is poured over the coffee grounds, it is stirred and then allowed to brew for some time.
  • Then the plunger is pushed downwards so that the coffee grounds are filtered and forced downwards and the coffee remains at the top. The filter that is attached to the plunger take care that the coffee grounds are not mixed with the filtered coffee.


  • We can make our desired cup of coffee using French press technique. Here we can brew the coffee according to our desired taste.
  • The temperature and amount of water can be controlled and the desired amount of coffee ground can be used.
  • As it uses a plunger with a filter, the natural oils of the coffee are retained to a great extent.
  • The coffee that we get has a strong flavor.
  • The container is very light and portable.


  • The only disadvantage is that, the French press method is more laborious than the drip method.

Some of the best French coffee makers are:

1) KONA French Press Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker: Its features are, it is portable, has protective insulation, durability and is very easy to clean.

2) SterlingPro French Coffee Press: Its features are, it is made of glass that is heat resistant and durable and all grounds from the coffee are removed.

3) Kuissential Stainless Steel French Press: Its features are; it holds optimal temperature for proper brewing and has mirror finishing outside.


  • The main feature of automatic drip coffee maker is that we cannot control the coffee making process. It is an automated process.
  • Here water and coffee are poured inside a container. The water is heated and slowly dripped over the coffee grounds extracting its essential oils.
  • In the end we will get filtered coffee.


  • This is a very easy method. We just need to pour water and coffee in the machine, and the machine will do the rest.
  • Here the coffee can be made very quickly and easily.

Some of the best Drip coffee makers are;

1) Bonavita BV 1800: Its features are;

– It brews coffee fast, has no plastic smell or taste

2) Cuisinart DCC- 2650: Its features are:

– It has stainless steel body, can brew 14 cups of coffee at a time, has a pause option and a self-clean function.

3) Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker: Its features are;

– It has dual function that is, can make single cup or multiple cups of coffee, it is equipped with many programs and a good looking control panel.

So, the choice between the two totally depends upon the individual’s choice of coffee. The French press coffee is quite strong and has a rustic flavor, while the drip coffee is quiet smooth.

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