About Me

Hi there! My name’s Natalie jones and ever since my first cup I’ve been totally passionate about coffee! The explosion of flavors was almost too much to handle at the time but I knew immediately that I had to have more. As I grew up I always pestered my parents to get me different varieties of coffee to try and whenever I knew someone was going abroad or out of state I’d make them promise me that they would bring me back any interesting coffee they found.

Needless to say, I developed a serious habit, but it was a habit I was serious about. Coffee is essential to my life, so when I took it from something I like doing and made it into a job, I felt like the luckiest person alive!

Now I travel the world and my beautiful country looking for the best and most unique coffees I can, all to review and share with you. What a blessed life I lead. I get packages from all around the world containing exotic and exciting coffees from my dedicated group of friends, family and readers. They understand how seriously I take coffee and I’m so grateful for their help in my quest for the ultimate cup.

My husband is less enthusiastic but he’s supportive, even when I fill his studio with coffee machines I’m testing, or wax poetic about the obscure Guatemalan blend I’m currently reviewing. He understands it is important to me.

Leaving my kids for weeks to travel and find new coffees is so hard, but they are getting to an age now where they’re starting to develop their own passion for the coffee bean, so who knows, maybe one day soon I’ll have a family team of coffee fanatics?
Now I have this site I can share with the world the knowledge that I have accumulated over a lifetime’s coffee drinking. That makes me very happy. I really hope you like what I have to say and that i can help in some small way your own quest for the ultimate cup. It’s out there!