Privacy Policy

Welcome to our site. We are entirely aware that privacy is of utmost importance to the site users. This statement covers the privacy policy that governs the usage of this site and the services being offered by us. ‘Personally Identifiable Information’ refers to any sort of information that can be employed for identifying, contacting or locating the person concerned. However, it is not limited to address, contact details, credit card information or social security number. Personally identifiable information does not cover information gathered in an anonymous manner.

What covers Personally Identifiable Information?

We may gather the basic information furnished by the users while creating their profile on our website. We gather the following information from the customers who have been authorized: the name, address, contact details, the size and nature of business, the size and nature of advertising inventory being sold or purchased.

Who has the access to the information collected?

Apart from us, the third party service vendors working with us and offering services such as escrow, insurance and credit may gather information from the authorized customers and visitors. We have no control over the use of the information done by the third party vendors. We, however, do request them to disclose the manner in which they would employ the information being collected. This website may contain links that would direct the visitor to other website. In such case, you are advised to go through the privacy statement of the sites that have been linked as they may differ from outs.

How does this site employ personally identifiable information?

We employ the personally identifiable information for customizing the site and to make sure that appropriate service is being offered. We may employ the email to inform the authorized customers and visitors about the information being update on the site. We may also use the personally identifiable information for clearing the inquires being made by the users of the site. The information collected on this website is stored in a secure manner.

Are there any choices being offered to the visitors pertaining the information collection and distribution? 

The authorized customers and visitors can opt out from the receipt of information. If they do not wish to be contacted through any means, then they can contact us and inform about the same.

Does the site use cookies?

Cookies are employed for a lot of reasons. We employ cookies for obtaining information about the preferences of the visitors and the services opted by them. We also make use of cookies for security reasons so that we can protect our authorized customers. For instance, if an authorized customer logs into the site and remains idle for more than ten minutes, then we would automatically log out the customer.

How is login information employed by the website?

Login information is employed by the website including the browser types and IP addresses for analysis of trends, tracking user movement and for gathering broad information pertaining to demographics.

How is the security of personally identifiable information secured?

All our employees are aware of the security practices and policies. The information collected by us is made accessible only to the employees who have been qualified for gathering information. We carry out security systems audit on a frequent basis. Encryption protocols are employed for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card numbers. Reasonable commercial measures have been taken for maintaining the security of the site. We do not warrant or guarantee if there is some kind of break-in or tampering done to our database. However, there is no need to fear as we have taken complete measures to secure the activities and the information on our website.

Can the visitors make changes to Personally Identifiable Information?

Yes. This can be done by updating the information using the profile. We can be contacted for correcting inaccuracies in the information.

Can a visitor deactivate or delete Personally Identifiable Information?

We do offer a mechanism for deactivation or for deleting the information from the database by contacting us. Residual information may be retained because of records or backups. Functional deleting of information would be done if a user requests for it. This information would not be transferred to anybody in future.

What happens if there are changes in privacy policies?

We will inform our authorized customers and visitors about the changes being made in the privacy policy by posting details on the site. We would even mail the details to out visitors and authorized customers regarding the changes being made.