10 Cool Coffee Tables for Your Home

Coffee tables should be considered the focal points of every living room because it is the place where the entire family gathers and most of the time, it is literally the center of the room. No more boring coffee tables that would fit perfectly in your grandmother’s living room because you aren’t there anymore. Having a nice cup of coffee in front of an amazing home coffee table is something you will want to experience every day over and over, so why don’t you afford it with one of the 10 cool coffee tables we have on this list and enjoy all the health rewards of drinking coffee in style?

1. Oval Mod Swivel Home Coffee Tablehome coffee table; Oval Mod Swivel coffee table closed

Not every old table is grandma’s table and this amazing table is the proof of that. The oval table made in this style actually dates from the 80’s and somehow it blends perfectly with the modern furniture. It is because of the clean lines and beautiful white shine of the entire table. If you think that the table may lack storage space I have to warn you that you are wrong. The table can rotate the middle part and you will get another surface for all the coffee you need in few seconds.


2. Foosball Home Coffee Table

I love this coffee table because it is a table every man cave should have. If you want to leave your mark in your husband’s man cave this coffee table is the best piece for that. Foosball table itself is something your hubby will love, but this coffee table will offer him to play a match or two with his friends during halftime. Now, don’t worry, the table has tempered glass above the field so if they do spill beer on the table, your hubby can clean it off in seconds.

3. DIY Coffee Table home coffee table; DIY coffee table

There are so many DIY coffee tables that it is hard to choose one, but I did it. The coffee table which I would recommend to anyone is made from 4 crates fixed together. So, put all 4 crates up and together so that each creates faces the other side. That way you will get one surface which is a table top and 4 storage spaces for magazines, pillows, flowers, etc. BONUS TIP: Place the tempered glass on top of the crates so they can last longer.

4. Paper Table home coffee table; Paper Table

This is my personal favorite coffee table because it looks amazing, it is eco-friendly and a design that will leave you breathless. This paper table is made by Matt Gagnon and it is completely made from laser-cut recycled sheet paper. At first, it looks like there isn’t much storage on the table but when you look closely you can see that the cuts in the table are actually a holder for magazines. It is one unique coffee table I have seen in years.

5. Jet Home Coffee Table home coffee table; home coffee table

There is a saying that only the sky is the limit and with this Jet coffee table, you will start to believe it. The designer who made this table, Lorraine Brennon, wanted to make a tribute to the two things – the sky and the childhood. There is a reason why this table looks like a paper plane and it is to wake up a child in you while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee.

6. Serpent Home Coffee Table

The Serpent Coffee Table is made in special collaboration of dark wood and tempered glass. The structure of the table is made from wood and the table surface, which is not technically the surface because it stays in the air, is made from glass. This table is bold and restless and it is made only for people with attitude.

7. Nesting Home Coffee Tablehome coffee table; Nesting Coffee Table

There is a charm in coffee tables in nesting style. The nesting coffee tables are the perfect solutions for small rooms because they are actually two or more tables which look practically identical, only one table is smaller than the other. When you aren’t using them, just put the smaller tables on the bigger ones. For the more rustic style, I would recommend a combination of wood and steel.


8. Alburni Coffee Tableshome coffee table; Alburni Coffee Tables

Alburni coffee tables are the perfect balance between nature and engineering. The table top of this coffee table is a transversal cut oak veneer which means you can see the entire tree the table is made of. Every wood ring is present on the table which gives it a touch of nature and the engineering part can be seen in steel thin legs which keep the table straight and stable.


9.  Driftwood Coffee Table home coffee table; Driftwood Coffee Table

Driftwood is a special kind of wood because it tells a story. Every piece is special and in a combination of tempered glass makes one incredible coffee table. If you want a brilliant piece of furniture then driftwood is a great choice for you. The only thing you still need to choose is rectangular or circular glass.


10. Stone Coffee Table home coffee table; Stone Coffee Table

Who would have known that something so simple can look so great? This oval stone table is so elegant that it makes the entire room look like it has come from a magazine. The table sides make the table look like a shell which your guests will definitely notice.

After making your choice, you can even style it with some tips to attract everyone’s attention.

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