15 Gifts That Coffee Lovers and Addicts Would Admire!

If you have a friend who is an utter coffee addict, who can’t start their day without coffee whose kitchen is adorned with all sorts of coffee accessories and contraptions then you must be looking for some ideas as what to gift them. Following is an outline for best coffee at home appliances which no coffee lover would like to miss.

  • Breuer cold drip coffee maker: It is a backed cold drip, kick starter coffee maker. Cold drip is a method of preparing coffee by dipping chilled water onto a coffee chamber for 4-6 hours. This results in a slightly sweet coffee extract. It can be drunk just like that or could be preserved to make hot delicious coffee instantly.
  • The world atlas of coffee: Well this is not an ordinary atlas with boring geographical maps which you failed to understand in secondary school. Rather it is an absolute delight for coffee lovers as it is a journey through the globe of most exotic coffee regions with brewing lessons. No doubt every coffee addict would die to have this.
  • Death wish coffee: Those who love to have their coffee really nice and strong, this gift will satisfy their strong coffee cravings. It blends your coffee beans and upgrades the aroma and taste to world’s some strongest coffee.
  • Rok Presso Manual Espresso maker: It is a manual espresso machine which works without any electrical supply. A Rok Presso maker is a stainless steel equipment which makes the best coffee at home. It has a milk frother too so you can have cappuccino.
  • Keep Cup reusable coffee cup: A coffee take away is delightful isn’t it? This Keep Cup is a eco-friendly and easy to carry cup. It can be used again and again unlike disposable paper cups. It will make you coffee experience worth it.

  • Sugar skull spoon: A sugar skull spoon is skulled in shape. This beauty will adorn your kitchen to heights.
  • Aero press coffee maker: For a coffee lover’s arsenal, this is must. It makes smooth coffee by adding mild air pressure via a coffee filter to create a fully immersed brew. It makes the coffee low acidic in nature and is the best thing to gift a coffee geek.
  • Black Teflon milk jug: Some coffee nerds are also cleanliness conscious and since making coffee can turn out to be messy they might drop the idea when they have a craving for it. But this Teflon milk jug is just the thing they were looking for. This jug is a cleaning processer as it prevents milk from sticking to its walls. A perfect picture for an addict and cleaner.
  • Jiva coffee cubes: It is a great gift for those who are searching for instant coffee solutions. All you have to do is to add water and you are done. Also they have no preservative, it is gluten free and just the thing you always needed.
  • Syphon coffee maker: A Syphon coffee maker uses vacuum pressure to contrive the coffee by heating the bottom chamber which has water in it to merge the coffee at the top. It is a real beauty as the resultant coffee looks good and tastes the best.
  • Hario coffee scale: For those who are trying to get perfect caffeinating a Hario coffee scale is the best. A consistent coffee is one trait everyone looks for. Producing same results each time is what one wants. This coffee scale measures coffee weight and water to produce coherent results
  • Stojo smash cup: It is really annoying that reusable coffee cups occupy a large space in your bag and are bulky. A Stojo smash cup can be resized into smaller fractions.
  • Goku novelty mug: A best gift for Dragon Ball Z fans is a Goku Novelty mug.
  • Latte art pen: A Latte art pen is for true coffee addicts who want their coffee drinking experience to be enjoyable. It might be difficult to etch a latte art with a tooth pick. But with this you can easily create designs you always wished for. At one end of the pen is a scoop and there is an etching point at the other end
  • Joulies: It aims to ensure that your coffee is just perfect to drink. It lowers the heat to minimum 140 F and stores the remaining heat for the rest duration.

Best Coffee at Home

With so many ideas, now you won’t be perplexed when it will come to gift something to a coffee die-hard fan. The above suggestions are just what they always craved for.


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