How Many Calories per Coffee Cup You're Taking?

We are living in modern, stressful and highly competitive times. It is imperative for us to keep a check on our health parameters and particularly on the calories we consume every day from foods.

Calories are nothing but a measure of the amount of energy we get from food. It is essential for us to know what kind of calories are there in our food. This can not only help us to eat properly but it can also help us to burn the extra and unnecessary calories. This is highly critical for maintaining ideal body weight and optimum health.

Knowing how many calories we are consuming makes us conscious about our food choices, eating habits and exercise programs. Certain foods and drinks have negligible amount of calories yet it is better to know their calorie content. Coffee for example has very little calories per coffee. So we can safely consume unlike other drinks which may have more calories.

What are calories

What are caloriesCalories refers to units of energy. It is a unit of measurement and pertains to the consumption of energy which can be drinking, eating, physical activity etc. For example, the calories in an A Grade Raw Apple will be 116 calories and if your body weight is 70 Kg and if you Jog/Walk combined then you may burn 420 calories.

How many calories does a man need?

How many calories does a man need?This differs from individual to individual and country to country. According to UK’s National Health Service (NHS) estimate, an average man needs 2500 calories each day and an average woman needs 2000 calories each day. In the US, the estimates for an average man and woman per day is 2700 calories and 2200 calories respectively.

Calories in drinks

Calories in drinksWe get lot of calories from drinks. Aerated, Fruit, Energy and Caffeinated drinks contain calories which far exceed the requirements of the body. Most of these drinks are high on sugar and definitely not recommended for daily consumption. On an average, we consume 21 percent of calories from drinks.

Calories per Coffee

Calories per CoffeeCoffee by itself is a very low calorie beverage. Hence, calories per coffee is an insignificant component for the overall calorie consumption calculation. However, the calories increase when we add milk, sugar and other flavorings to improve the taste.

Calories in Coffee with Milk and Sugar

Calories in Coffee with Milk and Sugar100g serving of Coffee and Skimmed Milk contains 11 calories and if you add sugar the calorific value increases to 34. The calorific value changes depending upon the extra ingredient you add. If you add Semi Skimmed Milk to coffee, then the calorie count will be 15. Similarly, if you add sugar then the count changes and increases to 38. So anything added extra will add more calories per coffee.

Calories in Coffee from outlets or shops

Calories in Coffee from outlets or shopsThere are plenty of options to choose from outlets or shops. All contain different amount of calories per coffee. You can opt for Starbucks or McDonalds or Dunkin.


The best and safest drinks are plain Water, Tea and Coffee with little or no sugar. It is better if you use sugar-free sweeteners. Low fat milk or skimmed milk is ideal for daily use.

The best thing is to have a coffee maker at home so that you can prepare coffee as per your taste. You can easily control the calories per coffee. You not only save time, money and energy, you also can tailor the coffee ingredients like cream, sugar etc. as per your choice. This is not possible if you go to outlets or shops, where you will get standard beverage.



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