The Perfect Pour-Over Coffee Without Any Fuss

Who doesn’t love a perfect pour-over coffee? The extra fresh bold and rich aroma extraction by this style of brewed coffee has always impressed coffee lovers all over the world. Originated in Japan, the idea behind a perfectly brewed pour-over coffee was always “Quality over Convenience”, since this process takes a little more time than an automated coffee maker.

Aroma Handsfree Automated Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Linkind is here to serve you the goodness of both worlds. With its innovative and minimalistic design, you don’t have to take much hassle to get the perfect jolt of energy in the morning. This automatic pour-over, easy cleaning coffee maker ensures even coffee extraction with minimal involvement to serve you perfectly brewed drip coffee. We are certainly amazed by its unique, innovative and minimal design. It’s just your robot coffee barista, ready to serve anytime anywhere. Read this Aroma Coffee Maker review to know more about its features.

Key Features

1. Automated Drip Pour-Over Coffee Barista

Usually, pour-over coffee is made by placing freshly grinded coffee into a cone-shaped paper filter and pouring hot water on it slowly and steadily. This process can take several minutes and even then you have to rely on the expertise of the person who is doing it, to get a perfect cup of Drip over coffee.

With Aroma Coffee Maker you don’t have to take even half of the hassle. You just place your medium grind coffee beans into the strainer basket, power on the coffee maker and once it starts rotating pour the hot water into the water reservoir at once. Your coffee will be ready in a few minutes without needing any further assistance. You will find the coffee-making procedure in detail in the latter part of this review article.

2. Compact and Portable Design

This Aroma Handsfree Automated Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Linkind certainly belongs to the most compact and portable designed coffee maker group available on the market. It is shockproof by design. So you can take it anywhere with you without any concern of breaking.

3. Even Coffee Extraction

The even rotation of the water reservoir of this Aroma Coffee Maker ensures that the coffee grind in the strainer basket gets moistured evenly, which brings out the full aroma of coffee beans evenly and perfectly.

4. Reusable Filter (Good-Bye to Paper Filters)

With this Aroma coffee maker, you no longer have to use paper filters to get a cup of pour-over coffee. The strainer basket in this automated pour-over coffee maker works as the filter and it is reusable.

5. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning this aroma coffee maker is very easy. You have to just clean the reusable filter and the base of this maker on a frequent basis. Other than that this machine doesn’t require cleaning. Do not clean the main body of this coffee maker with water since there are electric components within the main body of this handsfree coffee maker.

6. Food Grade Materials

All the materials used in making this Aroma Handsfree Automated Pour-Over Coffee Maker is food grade, certified by the FDA to be used in baby feeding products.

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Coffee Making Procedure

Here is how you make a perfectly brewed pour-over coffee with the Aroma Coffee Maker.

Step 1: Add medium grind coffee to the mesh filter (Strainer basket). Do not fill the filter completely with coffee unless you want to spill coffee all over the place. For perfect measurement, you can use the spoon provided with the coffee maker.

Step 2: Set the Aroma Coffee maker on top of your coffee mug. Place some ice cubes into the mug if you want to enjoy cold coffee.

Step 3: Power on the Aroma Coffee Maker, then the water reservoir will start rotating.

Step 4: Add hot water to the rotating water reservoir. And leave the coffee maker to itself for a couple of minutes. (In case of Cold Coffee, only pour up to the snowflake mark on the reservoir.)

Step 5: Enjoy your home brewed pour-over coffee!

Coffee Quality

To be frank, the only thing, which can describe the difference of quality between a normal cup of coffee and a poured-over brewed cup of coffee is a cup of pour-over coffee itself. The richness brings into the flavor of your coffee is beyond description.

Ease of Use

Making a cup of pour-over coffee was not that easy before. With this handsfree aroma coffee maker you just have to place coffee beans and water into the coffee maker and let it do its work. It’s like having a personal robot barista at home, outdoor or wherever you go.
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Final Thoughts

After using the Aroma Handsfree Automated Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Linkind, the definition of pour-over coffee is going to change. The idea of brewing a cup of coffee is made look so easy with this aroma coffee maker. This device requires minimal involvement from the consumer’s part to brew a cup of coffee. Now, you can enjoy all the qualities of drip over coffee and pour-over coffee at once.

With easy cleaning reusable filter and shockproof design, the user’s satisfaction is certainly going to be on the higher end. Although you can only get a maximum of 150 ml coffee with each serving, the quality it brings to your daily cup of coffee is certainly worth the price.


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