Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review (Espresso & Cappuccino Maker)

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review

In this review, you are going to learn much about Mr. Coffee ECMP50 espresso maker, an espresso machine that has built a strong reputation in the coffee brewing industry since 1970.

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 espresso/cappuccino maker brings you the ability to create and enjoy coffeehouse cappuccinos and espressos at your home’s comfort. The coffee brewer delivers a high quality drink every time you decide to enjoy your café-style drink.  Its creates an authentic and rich espresso drink through its thermal heating system which heats water at a faster rate while working under 15-bar pressure.  The resulting espresso is rich and crème topped, just as you like it.


  • Removable water reservoir
  • Tamper
  • Recipe book.
  • Removable drip tray
  • Coffee scoop
  • User Manual
  • Warranty

Key features

  • 15-bar pressure pump system to create a dark and rich espresso drink.
  • Has a frothing arm which creates a creamy froth on top of your lattes and cappuccinos.
  • LED lights to indicate when brewing is complete.
  • Drip Catcher is easily removable.
  • Dual-shot brewing feature


Before starting to use the machine once it arrives home from the store, you need to clean the removable parts including brew basket, water reservoir and filters.  This review on Mr. Coffee ECMP50 espresso/ cappuccino maker gives you a simple step by step procedure on how to make your own brew.

  • Fill water reservoir with bottled or filtered water not more than the maximum line.
  • Select your filter size and position it well in filter basket.
  • Add ground coffee to the filter till full. Wipe excess filter and then tamp it firmly with care. Ensure the ground coffee has a consistent particle size. It shouldn’t be very fine, a salt feel between the fingers is enough. This is very crucial to ensuring the taste and flavor or the espresso is good. If you can use a burr grinder, well and good.
  • Attach the espresso filter to brew head.
  • Place one or two cups underneath the output spout. You may warm the cups first so as to maintain a consistent temperature for your espresso drink.
  • Plug the machine and turn it on by pressing red button to the right hand side.
  • Wait till the indicator light turns green and then press brew button.
  • Turn the side knob to counter-clockwise so as to rotate it brew position.
  • Turn off side knob after filling desired level.
  • If you need to brew more espresso drink, simply repeat the third step all the way down.

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The Coffee Quality

Every review on Mr. Coffee ECMP50 espresso maker on the web will indicate that the machine provides consistent brew flavors every time. The coffee quality is rather delicious and good enough for its price. The 15 bar pressure pump system helps in creating a rich and dark coffee brew just like you’d like it to be.

The Coffee Maker Quality

The coffee maker is a good one, creating an authentic and bold espresso and cappuccinos. Its thermal block heating feature makes it a fast and efficient performer as the heating system heats up water every fast.

Ease of use

The machine is quite easy to use. Its front control panel has ready indicator lights for indicating when brewing is complete. So you don’t have to keep looking if it’s ready, simply wait for the indicator lights.

Most of its parts are also removable, such as the filter and water reservoir. This makes filling the filter with ground coffee much easier. The water reservoir can also be easily cleaned and filled with water.

Its control panel has push buttons so you simply need to set it up and wait as it brews your espresso and cappuccinos.

Warranty details

The warranty period is for 1 year and is limited on certain parts of the machine. Simply read the warranty booklet included in the machine to understand what the manufacturer gives the warranty on.

Replacement parts available

After some period of use, you may experience some little trouble with some of its parts, just like any other electronic gadget which is not completely perfect. So, some of the replacement parts you may need later on include:

  • 2 cup filter
  • 4 cup filter
  • Spoon & tamper
  • Reservoir assembly
  • Filter holder
  • Frothing tip

These replacement parts are available online at different stores. Availability will entirely depend on a store. You can find these parts at cheaper prices from amazon as well as here.

Final Thought

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 espresso/cappuccino maker is not good enough for those seeking luxury. Its price is relatively cheap than other high price espresso makers. However, it can create good espresso as well as the café-style drinks at a cost of a few stops at your favorite coffeehouse. A good number of customers have used this machine for years and most are still happy with it.

Any other review on Mr. Coffee ECMP50 in the market will admit that this espresso brewer is cheap but good enough to produce espressos and cappuccinos loved by majority. Therefore, if elegance is not your big concern and all you want is a good quality espresso, then this coffee brewer is certainly a good choice. You can either get it for yourself, family member or as a wedding gift to newlyweds. Get it on Amazon Before Stocks are out!

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