Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Review

I am actually very fussy when it comes to my everyday cup of morning coffee. I am also a little biased towards appliances that are not too expensive, tough to clean, too bulky or too complicated with their features. A simple Single Serve Coffee Maker like the Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker serves my purpose. It is by far the most user-friendly coffee maker I have ever bought and I assure it has added to the beauty of my kitchen. Since I need about 3-4 cups of a frothy mug of freshly brewed coffee every day, buying this little beauty made my days. In this Hamilton Beach 49980a review, I’ll share my personal experience with this amazing coffee maker.

Hamilton Beach 49980a review: An amazing coffee maker to enjoy delicious coffee every time!

Since Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker can brew only one cup of coffee at a time, it is not ideal when you have a lot of guests at home. But for everyday use, it couldn’t get better.


This product comes with the following accessories:

  • Travel Mug
  • Black Brew Basket
  • Single serve brew basket
  • Coffee pot
  • Tray
  • Pot basket
  • Water Filter
  • User manual
  • Warranty


    • Easy to Clean: It is so easy when it comes to maintenance and a simple rinse of the basket, the cups and trays is enough to get the job done
    • Classic Design: It adds to the beauty of your kitchen
    • Repeated Filters: No changing of filters all the time
  • Sleek and Compact: Since it is a thin and small machine, it does not take up all the space on the counter

I have many more Hamilton appliances and none of them have ever been disappointing. This is because Hamilton Beach is mainly known for its reliable and economical tools, amongst which, this very famous 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker stands out. It ensures a fresh, frothy cup of coffee any time of the day because their product is realistic and focuses on the utilitarian aspects which make it different from other companies. What I have seen is that due to the valued consistency and convenience, their single serve coffee makers have gained popularity to a great extent at homes, hotels, offices, and cafes. Moreover, single serve coffee makers are a brilliant alternative to automatic drip coffee makers which are a handful.


  1. Measure the ground coffee beans
  2. Add water and ensure no lumps are formed so keep stirring
  3. Fill the k cup with hot water and close the lid
  4. Towards the end, press the plunger

It allows you to brew your coffee in 3 different ways such as:

  1. Without using the filter with regular ground coffee
  2. Simply use a coffee pod
  3. For people who like varieties in their lives, they can try K cups that can be fitted into the side trays.
  4. In case of single serve coffee makers, coffee pods such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea and milk-based specialties are used to brew a cup of coffee

Perhaps a detailed discussion on Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker will help you decide whether or not you are an adventurous coffee drinker. They provide a brew basket with markings that help you decide how much coffee you need and hence avoid spilling extra coffee and spoiling the taste.

A few pros and cons on Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker will help us decide on whether or not to purchase. Some of these are listed below:

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The Coffee Quality

You are going to get a delicious cup of coffee with Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker within few minutes. I know for a fact that all consumers are satisfied and happy, when they can use a reusable K cup to grind their own coffee. This element is important to consumers who are passionate about brewing their own coffee. Moreover, this machine can satisfy the taste buds in many ways offering the user the flexibility to decide which type of coffee to brew every single morning. People who prefer a morning tea instead of coffee will also be provided with a variety of tea, such as herbal, flavored, chai, black, white and green.

The Coffee Maker Quality

This coffee maker is perfect for people who intend on making smaller cups of coffee time to time. Like I said earlier it does not serve well when many guests are coming over but when you have a range of K-cups available with you, a number of guests can be entertained at the same time without having to spend a lot. A hidden benefit with these single serve coffee makers is since it allows only fresh water to make a cup; you can adjust the volume of water according to your desired coffee strength.

Ease of Use

All the above discussion makes it clear that purchasing a Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker will not disappoint you. What I noticed with this coffee maker is that after a few months it does not start spilling water over the counter like other machines or start making loud noises that spoil your day. At a remarkable price that this company offers, a decent cup of coffee can be attained. When my husband bought me my first product from Hamilton I was not so sure but with time I can say that their appliances are a keeper. We take it to vacations because of its compact size and easy cleaning that you can do with some tips. Sometimes I forget to push the top lever and fit the K cup before brewing; still, it does not create a mess that you have to take care of later on.

Warranty Details

Hamilton Beach 49980A – Single Serve Coffee Maker is available with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Replacement Parts Availability

Don’t need to worry about essential parts when it’s needed to replace. Replacement parts are available online with the quick delivery facility and you can also get it from the local stores.

Final Thoughts

After going through this Hamilton Beach 49980a review, I think you have realized it’s high time to join the Hamilton bandwagon and enjoy their fabulous cup of coffee. You will be nothing else but satisfied with the purchase you made because no one would want to spend a fortune on a coffee maker and then spend hours learning the mechanism. Moreover, most coffee makers are so complicated that it takes ages to understand but not like Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Maker which is by far the simplest of all. It’s simple, fast and does not make a mess. I am totally impressed with this machine and through this Hamilton Beach 49980a review, I recommend that every coffee enthusiast should try it.

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