Top 4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Espresso Maker

It is not easy to buy appliances for home because of the time, patience and energy which needs to be invested. If you want to go in for a best buy coffee maker or an Espresso Maker, you need to do some research and homework! You will have to ascertain how frequently it will be used, what is the purpose of use and what are the cost implications.

Best Buy Coffee Maker

Electronics and Home appliances have to be compulsorily evaluated for durability factors. You will have to check the ease of use and how much load will the Espresso maker handle every day. What is the point in spending a lot of money when you cannot operate it easily?

Superior quality Espresso Maker will be able to sustain pressure and should not have any problems working all day where as a small and budget-friendly machine may break-down or get heated up if used all day. Hence, it is essential to avoid buying a cheap machine.

Individual Handle within the appliance

There is an individual handle to facilitate manipulation in the Espresso Maker. It is here that the coffee is ground and placed in the basket during the brewing process. It is like a portable filter hence known as โ€˜Porta filterโ€™. This should be kept clean, for best, continued results. You can prepare your own coffee as per your taste in these best buy coffee makers. Some models do not have this facility of individual control manipulation which does not give you the choice of quantity of coffee, temperature and water. This means you cannot prepare coffee as per your personal preference.

The scale of water container

The scale shows the espresso quantity which the unit can generate. If your daily requirement of espresso is minimal then you donโ€™t need a big espresso maker. But if your daily requirement is high then you should go for the best buy coffee makers of big size.

Best buy coffee makers come equipped with their own water-filters while other do not. It is advisable for best results to always use filtered water to the required scale in the water container. The water temperatures vary. However, for best results, it is recommended that the temperature be stabilized at 92-93 C.

The extraction technique of the equipment (Steam-driven, Pump-driven)

a. Steam-driven

In Steam-driven espresso makerequipment, steam is driven thru the steam wand. The steam made from the water is warmed right until it reaches the steam phase. The steam-driven espresso makers are normally low-cost as opposed to pump-driven type.

b. Pump-driven

Certain best buy coffee makers come with a pump-driven espresso maker. Here, hot water is driven on high pressure over the coffee grounds thru an internal pump. The water is actually heated (not boiled) right until it hits the appropriate temperatures required for optimum extraction of the coffee bean. This creates top quality taste and flavour.


Usually, espresso machines require frequent cleaning in order to maintain its capability to create good quality espresso.ย  But no cleaning is required in the best buys coffee maker models because it has a self-cleaning function in it.


Different people need different flavours. It is therefore important to evaluate the flavour of the finished espresso beverage, its process, maintenance and storage aspects in the various models of espresso makers. You will have to find out how much coffee beans can the machine hold when there is an external grinder attached to it. You also need to check how much water can the tank hold and how many cups of espresso is available with each brewing session.

If your daily need of espresso is high, then your best option is to choose the best buy coffee maker.



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