Best 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Espresso Coffee at Home

If you’re a coffee lover or even if you’re not. You must always be surprised by that nice coffee you drink at a coffee shop, so much so that you might have wanted to know how to make one on your own. Making espresso coffee at home is not that hard as long as you practice, all you need is just to know the formula and that’s it, you have yourself a nice batch of espresso to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know:

Making Espresso Coffee at Home Starts with Good Beans

Making Espresso Coffee at Home Starts with Good BeansThere is no doubt that the beans used to make espresso play a great role in the taste of your espresso. As a rule you should always make sure that you get the best beans for your coffee. How do you do this? You might wonder it’s simple. Go to coffee forums and social media like Facebook and find out which coffee roasters are causing a buzz and have great reviews, see if you can contact them and ask for a sample.

You could ask form as many places as you like, you’d be surprised how many would say yes and the different flavors you’d get. Try them and see which one makes the best espresso. The one mistake you could make is to assume that the big roasters are the authority on all matters regarding beans. This is because they aren’t, so take your time research and learn the process of making espresso coffee at home.

High heat for High flavor

High heat for High flavorYou need to understand the working of a coffee bean when the flavors are extracted. Normally these beans contain a substantial amount of oil (about 12%) so in order to get through this and get the nice flavors a good amount of heat and pressure are necessary. Temperatures of about 198 to 201 degrees are required with about 9 bars (131 pounds) of pressure so as to unlock the flavors. How do you achieve this? By getting the right machine, so don’t skimp on the money for an espresso machine if you want making espresso coffee at home to be enjoyable.

Grind Fine For Maximum Flavor

Grind Fine For Maximum FlavorEspresso requires what is called an Espresso Grind. This is a type of fine grind that produces the flavors that many people adore and love in espressos.  Making espresso coffee at home becomes difficult because achieving this grind is not easy.

Most home made grinders can’t seem to achieve this level of grind. If you want your beans to have the fine grind we keep talking about, just by them from a pro/reputable roaster as they will ensure that you get the right grind. In addition, they might ask for the machine type or purpose so as to tailor it to your needs.

Seek the Crema

Seek the CremaYou might not know what it’s called because you never bothered to know, but crema is always in your espresso. It is the dissolved oils and solids that are as a product of extraction. They make up the protein and sugars of the espresso and are in the form of foam that can be found on top of your espresso. Now you know what that foamy goodness on your coffee is called and how it comes about. The appearance of this by product depends on the blend, temperature and pressure of the machine.

It normally takes a third to a half of the shot glass and later resides due to the effect of the air.  Crema is the good stuff, so be sure to preserve it. Your choices are usually to either drink the shot after the extraction is done or to put in heated milk or syrup to preserve the integrity. Think fast as you don’t have long after the shot is pulled.

Mix Your Flavors Carefully For Huge Taste

Mix Your Flavors Carefully For Huge TasteNever skimp on the flavors as well as they also pay a significant role in the taste of your espresso. Always make sure to go only for the best possible flavor you can find in the market. For instance, if you are making a vanilla latte, then be sure to have bought the best vanilla syrup available. Be sure to concentrate well on the flavor as it complements the taste of the espresso.


Implement these ideas for the best espresso at home. Remember to get a machine that can provide the required amount of temperature and pressure to make your espresso as close to perfection as possible.


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