How to Grind Coffee without a Coffee Grinder
If you are a lover of coffee, you will know how important a coffee grinder is, it makes it easy and faster to have coffee on the table. But what happens in a situation where there is no coffee grinder on ground or a situation
How to Easily Brew Coffee from a K-Cup without a Keurig
K-cups are undoubtedly tiny lifesavers that save you the trouble of coffee runs and messy instant coffee, but you don’t have to miss your coffee break just because there is no Keurig in sight. Sometimes the Keurig could be broken or you ran
French Press Coffee: Step-by-Step Guide to Handcrafted French Press Coffee
A French press is a coffee brewing machine invented in 1929 by Attilio Calimani – a renowned Italian designer. While it retains the same name in the US, France and Canada, it goes by various names in different geographies like caffettiera in Italy, coffee plunger in South Africa and Tasman
How To Determine the Degree of Roasted Coffee Beans by Eyesight
The plant coffee traces its origin from East Africa. It was later imported from here to other coffee growing areas across the world. Commercially, coffee exists in the types of; Coffee Arabica, Coffee Robusta and Interspecific hybrid Coffee. However there are a number of varieties in each type of coffee. Examples of varieties of Coffee Arabica includes; the Ethiopian Harar and Ethiopian Sidamo that are grown in Ethiopia, the Orange Yellow Bourbon that is grown in the Latin America and Ruiru 11 that is grown in Kenya. On the other hand, Coffee Robusta most known variety is the Uganda that is grown in Uganda. One variety of an inter-specific hybrid is the Java that is produced in Indonesia.
Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Cortadito Coffee
For a coffee lover like me, nothing works best then a well-made espresso to get me started with my day. However- the same espresso every day is something that I do not like- and that is when I came across the café Cortadito recipe. A café Cortadito, commonly called as a Cuban espresso, is the espresso that originated
Step by Step Guide on How to Make Piccolo Latte
Even your average coffee menu has a large variety of coffees and this variety actually confuses a number of coffee drinkers. The most basic and strongest of the lot is espresso, which is a dark roast coffee, served in portions of 1-2 ounces. An Americano is an Espresso that has hot water added. If you are someone who prefers a light brew, then you may like a piccolo latte, which is made with espresso and steamed milk.
Step by Step Guide on How to Make Breve Coffee
There is nothing more refreshing than a well-made Breve coffee. For those who do not care or know a lot about the ‘technicalities’ of coffee, a latte is simply an espresso shot along with steamed milk. But I’m not really a big latte person- and personally prefer a cappuccino or Americano. A cappuccino is a double
Top 10 Effective Ways to Remove Coffee Stains from Clothing
One of the most unpleasant and irritating things to happen is a coffee spill on your attractive shirt. Especially when you are busy at work or you are on your way to a conference, school or a meeting. These type of accidents are a common occurrence and if they happen on the way, away from home, then you have no other choice but to employ certain methods or wise hacks to remove the coffee stains instantly.
The Cost of Making a Cup of Coffee at Home with a Coffee Maker
For many people, their mornings don’t begin without a cup of coffee. They are habituated to drink coffee after waking up. There is no question of beginning any activity whatsoever without that first cup of coffee. Life
Great Tips on Cleaning Your Super Automatic Espresso Machine
Thanks to technology we have things like Super Automatics. Almost everyone’s favorite coffee machine as it employs the best technology has to offer to ensure that you get good espressos and that you also get the best in durability. They are durable because they have the ability to tell you when the machine needs maintenance, you don’t need to worry about it or think about it as the machine will tell you.
Best 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Espresso Coffee at Home
If you’re a coffee lover or even if you’re not. You must always be surprised by that nice coffee you drink at a coffee shop, so much so that you might have wanted to know how to make one on your own. Making espresso
How to Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Home Espresso Machine?
With a newly bought home espresso machine you will be enjoying your mornings and evening like anything. It will not only add a fresh start but also make you fall in love with that freshly brewed cup of coffee. But in case you want to keep enjoying the lovely cup of coffee then you have to know
How to Make Great Iced Coffee Within Couple of Minutes?
Coffee has been a blissful pleasure to many since decades. Millions of people relish this delightful beverage and a number of them are even addicted to it. However, on a hot day when the temperature outside is too
Cappuccino Vs. Latte - What’s the Difference?
Being closely related to each other yet having some differences, it is generally asked what is the difference between cappuccino and latte. Though these are very alike but some differences set them apart
12 Different Types of Coffee You Can Try Anytime
A perfect morning starts with a perfectly made cup of coffee. Coffee is a drink that is adored by almost everyone. Once you get hooked on the habit of drinking coffee, it is not easy to get rid of it. A cup of coffee a day makes a coffee lover’s mood every day. If you are a die-hard coffee fan, then you must try these types of coffee to make your coffee drinking experience worthwhile

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