How to Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Home Espresso Machine?

With a newly bought home espresso machine you will be enjoying your mornings and evening like anything. It will not only add a fresh start but also make you fall in love with that freshly brewed cup of coffee. But in case you want to keep enjoying the lovely cup of coffee then you have to know how to perform espresso machine maintenance. With proper maintenance and timely care you not only increase the efficiency of your machine but also lengthen its lifespan too. Although there are many tips through which you can provide espresso machine maintenance, but the major three are listed below.

Remove and wash all removable parts

Remove and wash all removable parts
Each espresso machines have removable parts, after each use don’t forget to wash them with the help of a mild soap and lukewarm water so that the parts that came in contact with your coffee are properly cleaned. From the hygiene point of view also the cleaning of all parts is very necessary. In case you do not use machine on a regular basis then it is very important to remove and wash all removable parts. Before assembling them back, let them dry completely, as with proper washing and drying the possibility of fungal growth within the internal of machine is not a possibility.

Thoroughly clean other parts

Thoroughly clean other partsUnlike removable parts some components are fixed and cannot be removed. Especially the region around electronic motor and other electrical components cannot be washed away. But with the help of a damp cloth clean these surfaces too. Make a note to completely clean the different parts of the machine and thus provide complete espresso machine maintenance.

Fortnight or Monthly flush

Fortnight or Monthly flush
The last but the most important step is to perform flush process on the machine either on a fortnight basis or maximum every month. This will insure that every hook and corner of the machine is properly cleaned. For this you just have to flush the machine that is basically the machine will perform the espresso production process but only with water. You have to turn on the espresso machine and allow it to function as you do when you are making a cup of espresso. This would ensue that the internal parts of the machine are thoroughly cleaned from any coffee stain or residue thus giving complete espresso machine maintenance.

In the case after first flushing you get brown colored water at the end, and then you have to make the machine undergo the process of flushing one more time so that the machine is thoroughly cleaned. If necessary repeat the process of flushing for thrice. In the end basically you should get clear water, as then only machine is considered to be washed properly.

Thus if you perform all three mentioned steps on a regular basis and use quality coffee and filtered water, then not only you will get a tasty cup of coffee but also with proper espresso machine maintenance and keeping small things in mind we can increase the lifespan of our espresso machine. With proper espresso machine maintenance you are also saving your precious time and money. As with proper maintenance and care your machine will not break down and you need not to shell money on its repair neither you have to waste your time taking it to the service provider for purpose of repairing. Buying the best espresso machine is just the starting of a new relation but if you want this relation to run smooth you have to perform espresso machine maintenance on a timely manner so that you can get a wonderful tasty freshly brewed cup of coffee for many more mornings to come.


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