10 Great Tips for Purchasing a Home Espresso Machine

Everyone loves a perfect cup of espresso coffee; it not only makes your day if you are lucky to get a good one in the morning but also uplifts your mood refreshing you. Coffee because of its caffeine have been known since long for making people awaken and light headed. Many people are addicted to a cup of coffee and their day doesn’t seem to start without one, for them buying espresso machine seems not only a luxury but also a necessity.

Let’s do the math

Let’s do the mathBuying espresso machine at home might seem uneconomical to you. But wait! Let’s do the calculations here. Now let’s assume that on average you visit that favorite café of yours 5 times a week. It means that round the year with 52 weeks you might be visiting that particular café or any other one around 260 times and that just for a cup of your favorite coffee. Although on daily basis the cost seems to be not much but on monthly and daily basis that one cup of coffee is creating a hole in your pocket.

Decide what types of drink you like

Decide what types of drink you likeCoffee comes in various variations. Does you ever decided which one is your favorite filtered one, cappuccino or mocha or a simple espresso. Home espresso machines can make you a strongly brewed one along with espresso ones. So with three variations available like automatic, semi- automatic and super automatic, you can choose any one as per your requirement. Although super automatic are the most popular one.


CostYou should choose the perfect espresso machine by keeping the cost, your budget and the features provided in the machine in mind. While the regular ones will easily fit into your budget. The specialized ones are little bit costly justifiable by some added key advantage. Semi-automatic does need assistance but are cheap in comparison. So the decision depends wholly on you how much is your budget.

Popular Espresso Features

Popular Espresso FeaturesIf you are a fan of steamy lattes, mochas and cappuccino then go for buying an espresso with double heating elements or boiler as in case of milky drinks, faster and quicker froth will be produced.

Other important features

Other important featuresThe level of water and coffee should be adjustable as per your requirement. Presence of analog or digital dial depends on the brand and model but now with rise in technology mist of the espresso machines come with digital dial. You should check on the capacity of water and bean compartment before buying espresso machine.  There should be ability to adjust the height of cup. Presence of water filter not only enhances the taste but also keeps the machine in well condition.

Size and Construction

Size and ConstructionThis one also depends on the space you have available in your kitchen. Mostly the modern ones comes with steel finish or plastic exterior and a stainless steel or aluminum interior which is sufficient to maintain a long life if maintained properly.

Proper Cleaning and maintenance

Proper Cleaning and maintenanceJust like every machine espresso machine also requires proper care and maintenance. You should descale it once in a month. Never allow water to be stored in the boiler when espresso is not in use because water can create issues with the metal parts of the boiler.

Water and coffee

Water and coffeeCoffee is not just about using an expensive machine but with cheap and lower quality raw material like water and coffee used you can never get a good cup of coffee so kindly use high quality coffee and filtered water, which will not only enhance the taste but will help your espresso machine work more efficiently.

Choosing where to buy a home espresso machine

Choosing where to buy a home espresso machineToday you can select from various sources for buying espresso machine. You can get it from an electronic store or a specialized one dealing in it. Online retail is also one of the options, but always keep in mind which one is providing warranty and servicing after purchase as that will help you in the long-run.

Buying Espresso Machine

Buying Espresso MachineThus espresso machine these days is not only an emblem of luxury but along with time have become a necessity. By investing and buying espresso machine that is of good quality, you are making a good decision that will surely pat you in the long run.


  1. That’s good to know that you need to check if the water and coffee levels are adjustable so you can do the amount you want but also check if there’s a water filter since it keeps the machine well conditioned. My husband and I are starting to work a lot more so we tend to need more coffee in the morning but we don’t have time to go buy it so we’re thinking of buying a machine. We’ll definitely have to check if the levels are adjustable and if it has a filter so we can make enough coffee to take with us and know the machine will work well.


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