As a first time buyer, it might be confusing to learn about the different types of machines available in the market. There are many types of this machine ranging in different prices, so it can be very intimidating knowing which type of machine to get for home use. The good news is that, all machines for home use tend to range in four types. They are pump machines, lever or piston machines, steam machines and moka pots. Allow us to elaborate more on these different types of espresso machines.

Espresso Pump Machines

Espresso Pump MachinesIf you are a person that cares about your coffee having the same taste as the ones in the store, then this is the one for you. It comes in different prices as well as sizes and as the name implies it uses a pump to make the coffee. The automatic pump is used to create the right amount of water pressure for your drink.  This is probably the best kind of coffee maker available as it can exert the right amount of pressure needed to provide you with the perfect espresso. The only drawback might be its size and price, but f you have the counter space and money, then it’s definitely worth it.

Lever or Piston machines

I believe that this machine is for the exercise enthusiast as it needs endurance and physical strength in order to use it. Unlike the previous one, the pump on this one is not automatic. These types of espresso machines use manual/human powered pumps to get the job done. The quality of the espresso when using this machine depends on the person powering the pump as the piston depends on human power to get its pressure. The best part about this coffee machine is that it’s quiet and requires low maintenance, if you’re looking for a reason to exercise then you have found the best option in this machine.

Steam Powered Machines

Steam Powered MachinesThese types of espresso machines are probably the worst of the lot as the methods they use to create the pressure to make the coffee is not sufficient enough. The machine uses steam to create the pressure needed to make your espresso. The steam is normally not enough to create the required pressure to make a quality cup of coffee. You might be wondering why then they are still in production, well it’s because of their cheap price, sleek design and small size. This makes them more attractive to people looking to use them.

Moka Pot Espresso Maker

Moka Pot Espresso MakerThe final one is a moka pot espresso maker, or you could call it a stove top espresso maker due to its method of making coffee. These types of espresso machines work by boiling water at the bottom of the pot, which creates steam that is later forced through the coffee and into the top part of the pot. This espresso maker will give you a more traditional taste to your coffee. It isn’t as powerful as the hand or pump machine in terms of pressure, but its simplicity is what attracts many.  In addition, the price is also fair for many of its users as it costs less compared to all the other powered options available.

At the End

These different types of espresso machines each satisfy a certain group of people depending on their tastes. If you are looking for an espresso machine, then it’s most likely that they’ll be one of these types, so take your pick. Be very careful to ensure that you choose the right ne that will produce the coffee just the way you like it.


  1. You can also use special espresso cleaners, but be sure to follow all these steps and check the special instructions your machine has in the manual.


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