Still Looking for Reasons to Buy an Espresso Machine?

You love your everyday morning dose of coffee, but you are still not sure whether you should buy an espresso machine or not? With many added advantage you should go for buying an espresso machine as these days it’s not just a machine that you are buying for showcasing but it also have become a necessity over period of time. Let’s discuss some of the points and will help you to decide to buy an espresso machine.

Host Holiday Parties

Host Holiday PartiesNext time you are planning to host holiday party at your home or any other function like birthdays or anniversary. You can serve the hot mouth watering espresso with the help of your espresso machine. With the wonderful aroma and taste like a café coffee, sure your guests will praise you in bunches by making their day.

Impress Your Friends

Impress Your FriendsNext time you are planning to meet your friends for a kitty party or small get together at home. You can serve something different like tasty cup of mocha or delicious cappuccino and just wait for their reaction. Surely you will get appreciation and they will be impressed with you.

Never be Late for Work

Never be Late for WorkYou have left your home at time but the long line for coffee at your favorite café is taking too long. Forget all these hassles, and brew your own espresso and enjoy it with patience. You need another one, make one for your workplace in a jiffy. And remember not only time will be saves you will save onto your money too.

Enjoy the Coffee House Smell at Home

Enjoy the Coffee House Smell at HomeThe second best thing about coffee is its wonderful aroma. If you are a lover of this aroma, then it becomes necessary for you to buy an espresso machine. Because then after each brewing session your place will be filled with its wonderful aroma.

Very Important Tips for Choosing an Espresso Machine

Very Important Tips for Choosing an Espresso MachineThough which espresso machine is best for you depends on your personal choice. They come in different formats, functionality, features and design. You have to choose depending as per your requirement. However some of the features are must to be present in your espresso machine like perfect steam wand, facility of cup warming and easy to operate functions. Let’s discuss some of the models from well known brand below.

Lavazza Espresso Point EP850

Lavazza Espresso Point EP850

Lavazza Espresso Point EP850 is a perfect small manual espresso machine that is a perfect combination of style amalgamated with convenience from Lavazza. With a beautiful red maroon body along with silver finishing, it not only looks stylish but also compact one. The company provides cartridges hat work perfectly with the machine. Sometimes in offer you can get free cartridges as a bonus.

SaecoOdea Go

SaecoOdea GoSaecoOdea Go is an ideal mid price ranged espresso machine. Having the facility of brewing two cups at a time it is ideal for home as well as offices. Its silver black design adds classiness in its look. It also possesses a grinder through which you can grind your coffee as per your choice. Thus you can consider it before you buy an espresso machine.

BialettiMoka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker

BialettiMoka Express Stovetop Espresso MakerThis is a complete manual percolator machine works on every kind of stovetop or cook top. They comes in 3,6 and 9 cup capacity. You have to add water and coffee in the filter and then place it on the flame until the water percolates through the coffee and brew on it.

Just like BialettiMoka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker, BialettiMoka Express Stovetop cappuccino maker performs. The one difference is that it has a separate compartment that steams milk and thus provides you a perfect cappuccino within 5 minutes.

Free “Perks”

Free "Perks”All the above four espresso machines comes in combination with various free gifts like cartridges, coffee bags, cups etc. So just invest a little time in finding the best deal as per your taste.


EventuallyThus with so many reason and benefits you should go ahead with your decision to buy an espresso machine. And from the wide range which suits not only your pocket but also your requirements.


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